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Our many quilt styles and patterns with their intricate stitch patterns give you a varied choice to make your bed attractive and dress up your bedroom. Check out all our quilts below.
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The quilt revival is here. For many years they were just a thing of the past. But people would keep those that were hand made by great, great grandma because of sentimental reasons. She put many hours into those hand made quilts. She cut out every piece, stitched them all together by hand, put the batting inside and sewed all that together - by hand. Then she put it on a frame to hand stitch the pattern on the whole quilt. They were treasured, as was she, and rightfully so.

Today, we have resurrected those old patterns and added some new as well. There are many star patterns that are ageless and classic. The Royal Wedding Ring pattern is one of them and there are variations of this that have also shown up. This makes a perfect wedding present, by the way. A quilt is a great way to begin building your bedroom theme around. There are a zillion styles to choose from and just as many color combinations. Some have available matching shams.

Some of the newer patterns that have shown up have outdoor themes, like hunting, cabin life, fishing and horses, like the Horse Country just to name a few. Your whole bedroom will come alive with whatever theme you choose and it will be unique with you as you build around your theme

While you can still get a hand made quilt pieced together and made like great, great grandma did, you will find they are very, very pricey. So just as you have had to guard over that treasured quilt from great, great grandma, you would still want to. Use them only for special occasions or for that special guest. Don't jump on the bed or eat on the bed, treat them with great care.

Today's quilt is much more affordable and for that reason, replaceable too. So relax and enjoy them. They are made for living.