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Quilt Shams

Quilt Shams fulfill the look of a complete bed set. Many quilts have their own matching shams, the collection resulting in a 3 piece quilt set.
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Quilt shams dress up a quilt like nothing else can. There are many quilt shams available to match exactly the quilt chosen for your bed. Many times the quilt will be the focal point of the bedroom, and quilt shams, therefore, are a highly desired piece of the décor. Whatever is the main theme in the quilt will be what is on the quilt sham. For instance if a specific star pattern is the main theme of the quilt, then the same star pattern will be on the sham. For quilts that may have a border around the bottom, that same border more than likely will also be around the quilt sham. Quilt shams are very beautiful additions to an otherwise vacuum in the pillow area when there are none.

There is a necessity today for pillows to cover the head of the bed. Quilt shams fit the bill here. As with the quilts, the matching quilt shams come in multiple styles and colors. Many of the quilt designs of the past have been resurrected but we have added the new in that we now have quilt shams. In yesteryear, it was something just to get the quilt sewn.

We have a selection of quilts and shams that are elegant, some with vivid colors, others with delicate colors. Some have a winter theme, some focus on a spring or summer theme. We also have some that have creative subjects and themes and some that are individually unique. In any event it is a definite plus to add shams to the quilt on your bed. Your bedroom will be complete and you will find your desired décor will be enhanced and fulfilled.