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Pillow Feather/Down

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Many types of fill have been used over the centuries but the single most used has been the pillow feather/down, the reason being that it has been the most effective for its soft comfort and warmth attributes, resulting in a deeper, more restful night's sleep.

The Pillow Feather/Down are those pillows that have been stuffed with a combination of feathers and down feathers. The feathers are those outer layers covering the softer and fluffier feathers we refer to as down. They are longer and wider and heavier than the down. The down feathers are the smaller feathers and are mostly found around the belly of the bird. Many pillow feather/down implement the down from a goose, as the down is more plentiful in a goose because of its larger size.

The combination of feathers and down in the pillow feather/down make them more affordable than if the pillows were just down. The feathers add bulk while the down adds the fluff. Both in the combination are very effective in the comfort and warmth they provide.

A pillow feather/down has an advantage over other pillows in that it can be shaped to fit whatever part of the body you want it used for, whether it's the head, between the knees or for comfort to fit the contour of another part of the body. Depending on the sleeping position, it adapts. For a person who is a side sleeper, it provides more bulk under the head to enhance a more comfortable alignment for the back. For a back sleeper, the same is true and can be fluffed or wadded tight to fit whatever the desired position is.

An important advantage of the pillow feather/down is the natural quality of humidity control it provides. It can absorb humidity better than other types of pillows, to help bring more comfort and thereby help to provide a more restful and better night's sleep.