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Pillow Body can be a viable solution to multiple physical conditions from back alignment to neck and knee pain to enhanced pregnancy comfort - all for a more restful night's sleep. See our varied selection below.
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A Pillow Body come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. These pillows are a possible solution to a multitude of physical conditions that keep you from sleeping well. For the person who doesn't like laying flat on the back or on the stomach on a bed, pillow body that you can lay beside you will allow you to lay on your side to sleep in different positions comfortably. Throw your leg over it. It's not only more comfortable, but it helps keep your back lined up correctly as well. For those who have had back adjustments by a chiropractor, you have been instructed to use a pillow between your knees if you are a side sleeper in order to keep your back from reverting to it's painful prior misalignment. For most, a pillow is not long enough to reach. The pillow body are the perfect solution. They can also help to relieve sciatica and heartburn along with carpal tunnel and nasal congestion

Issues of pregnancy many times include back pain among others. Maternity or pregnancy pillow body provide a big boost for resting at night. They come in different shapes. One is the J shape that will support the head, back and belly. It helps to alleviate sciatica, heartburn, and lower back pain.

The U shape supports your back and head or you can bring your leg up over the top of this one for correct back alignment and posture.

The Pillow body type is available in the down and feather option as well as the down alternative.

Beds are normally flat so unless you sleep flat on your back, you will likely find it can be hard to get comfortable. Pillow body is a unique alternative to the regular bed pillow used for your head and can in one pillow address several physical bodily conditions at the same time. No need to get half a dozen pillows for your whole body. They just shift during the night when you rolled over and end up getting in the way, and you find them all over the bed or floor in the morning. Pillow body is truly a viable alternative for a deep and satisfying night's sleep.