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We would like to be your number one source for high quality bedding. You are serious about your bedding décor and comfort and so are we. We carry the best bedding affordable in the industry and our goal is to continue to provide this high quality merchandise as an ongoing service. We have a wide variety of Bedding Sets, Bed Linen, Blankets & Throws, Comforters, Pillows and Quilts. Top quality, affordable bedding is important because quality can make the difference between a good night's sleep and an average night's sleep. And we love the affordable because it gets us the most for our buck.

There are many types of high quality affordable bedding we have to offer. Sheet sets are found under the category of Bed Linen and include a top sheet, the bottom sheet and pillow cases. The bottom sheet is usually a fitted sheet with an elastic edge to wrap around the mattress. The Bed Linen category also includes bed skirts, mattress protectors and pads and pillow shams.

Some would prefer to put a coverlet on their bed. A coverlet is a special kind of covering that does not touch the floor and usually does not cover the pillows. Some quilts are coverlets. It is distinguished as a lighter covering, many times a quilt, appropriate for spring, summer or fall. Other quilt designs are thicker and so warmer for winter needs.
There also quilted shams available. A bedspread is a thinner, decorative covering, which covers the bed and sometimes touches the floor. A coverlet can also be referred to as a bedspread

Blankets and throws are popular and very versatile. A blanket or throw can often be found at the foot of a bed and is used to add decor or for extra warmth. It's normally lightweight. Many will put one in their car for those times that arise unexpectedly, like getting stranded along the road or if the heater suddenly quits working. It's always good to have one handy for any need that may present itself. They don't take up much space and are easily stored in the trunk.

Another type of bed covering that some would prefer to place on their bed is a comforter. Comforters come in various sizes and colors as well as thicknesses to fit appropriate any and all seasons, and some come as a set which would include shams along with the comforter.

Other types of our best affordable bedding is the bedding set which includes pillow shams with the bed covering and may also include sheets and pillow cases. These can be quilt sets, duvet sets or comforter sets. The Bed in a Bag variety will include pillows as well.

We also offer Pillows, encompassing sleeping pillows of feather/down type and down alternative, body pillows and a large variety of decorative pillows. Almost every room in the house has some sort of pillow in it.

The best affordable bedding for you depends on your individual needs and desires, of course. As there are many types of bedding, you will want to make your bed comfortable, inviting and attractive. When making your choice, you will naturally want what is made of good quality material, a style that fits your particular taste, and colors and patterns that blend with your decor to give your bedroom the most pleasant atmosphere, conducive to peace and a comfortable night's sleep. Your choice will not only help you get a good night's sleep; it can also make you feel safe and comfortable. Your choice for the top quality, the best bedding - affordable - can optimize your physical and mental well-being as well when you awake in the morning refreshed and ready to go!