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Our wide range of comforters, from the thick, plush and cozy winter comforter to the lighter spring and fall type gives you a good variety to choose from. Shop from our selections below.
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We love comforters. Nobody likes to be cold and a comforter is just the thing you need to warm you up. If you ever have had to sleep in a cold bedroom, you know what I mean. You have got to have much more than just a blanket. You need the heavy duty comforter. You will want to completely immerse yourself under it, head and all.

But it won't be all that long before you begin to warm up. The comforter is designed to separate you from the elements on the top side so your body heat will keep the heat on your side of the comforter even though the top side is still cold. It's insulation, after all.

There are basically two different kinds of comforters, the feather/down comforter and the down alternative. The feather/down is the original insulation taken from nature and is prized for it's warmth. Our feather/down comforters are state of the art, high quality comforters. The down alternative is a copy of the feather/down and is prized for it's resistance to allergies and asthma. These are top quality comforters as well.

When a comforter does what it is supposed to do, the natural progression is that you will get sleepy. Have you ever watched a baby that is uncovered and it's in a room that is normal room temperature? They are active, playing, cooing, crying and doing baby things. But wrap them in a warm comforter and watch them slow down. They are on their way to dreamland. We're the same way, warm us up and we begin to doze off too.

Someone named comforters "comforters" for good reason. They are comforting. They are soft and cozy and for those who like to cuddle, it's comforter plus. We love soft, plush things. A child has a stuffed toy to take to bed with them and it comforts them as they are tucked in and the light is shut off. Our soft and plush may not be our bedtime friend but it's our comforter "friend" just the same. Nighty, night.