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Comforter Down & Feather

Comforter Down & Feather is warm, fluffy and cuddly. Perfect for those cold nights and great for the not-so-cold as well. Check out our selection below.
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Comforter Down & Feather is that comforter that has been filled with either feathers or down, some even use both. Comforter Down & Feather fluffs up for even more warmth than it had before fluffing. The fluffier they are the warmer they are. The initial comforter "bag" is sewed, then it is filled with either goose down/feathers or duck down/feathers or maybe even be filled with chicken down/feathers. These creatures weather the harsh temperatures, and their nature is to provide extra fluff in the form of down to keep them warm. They don't need it in the summer but it is vital to their existence in the winter.

The feathers are gathered and processed to clean and sanitize them. You don't need to be concerned that there would be anything harmful to you in the comforter down & feather. All that has already been taken care of long before they were put in the comforter "bag".

When you purchase a comforter down & feather, be sure to fluff it up a lot. It will probably come to you packed down for ease in shipping.

A Comforter Down & feather is very warm. It stands to reason that it would be. The down and feathers came from those creatures that live in cold regions and survive because of the warmth of all that down that naturally surrounds their little bodies during the cold winter months. When it's really cold, they fluff themselves up, just like we do to our comforter down & feather, for added warmth. When we use what has been provided to them for their comfort and their very existence, we also get to reap the benefits - warmth, when they no longer need it in the summer months.