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Our Blankets & Throws are highly prized for their varied style, patterns, colors and overall versatility.  Choose from our wide selection of high quality blankets & throws.
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In all bedding needs you will find the need for Blankets & Throws, in every season for many reasons. Blankets & Throws have been around since the beginning of time. In some foreign cultures, people wear them. Depending on a person's size, one will be specifically chosen, a blanket for a larger person to wear around the shoulders, or a throw for a smaller person, to be worn around the shoulders as well. They are also called shawls when they are used for that purpose. To wear it this way, the blanket would just be folded, the top left corner and the bottom right corner together to form a triangle, then draped around the shoulders. The majority of the blanket is around the shoulders and covering the back, with the two other triangular ends hanging down in front. If a person is sitting down and maybe their feet or legs feel cold in the wintertime, they may cover the lower part of the body by a throw. We see this in the picture of Whistlers Mother. She was sitting in the picture and it appears she wore the blanket around the lower part of her body. Maybe not, her feet are showing, but it looks like it.

Many people will place a throw on the back of their couch. You can use one with a splash of color to accent other colors in your living room. Or you could choose a plain colored one that has a plush raised design in it. This too would add to the theme of your living room. You can use one that is super soft so that when you unfold it and cover up, it's like sleeping with a soft kitten or stuffed toy. You could also use a quilted one with a myriad of different designs.

If you want to take a nap on the couch, it's always nice to have a little extra warmth to slow down the bodily activity and make it more conducive to sleep. Just pull one down from the back of the couch and flop it out to unfold it, then cuddle up under it for a nice power nap if you're into that, or the long two hour nap when you drastically need it to catch up. An example of a favorite throw is our beautiful Alpaca plaid throw.

A throw from the blankets & throws could be used not only for the couch but also be for the baby's crib. The most common size is 50" x 60". Then you could take it along with you when you have a picnic. Lay the blankets & throws on the ground to protect you from all those things that can be found in the grass that want to bother you and eat your lunch. You could take it with you to sit on to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. Then too if a child wants to lay on your living room floor and you don't want to lug a full size blanket out to cover them up, use the blankets & throws. They could also be used when your children have a sleep-over and the kids want to sleep all in the same bedroom but still have their own space. Perfect for any and all of these uses.

The Quilt type of Blankets &Throws is a unique form of throws unlike any other. The normal throw is usually a single layered, blanket type throw. The quilt throw is different in that there are three layers, the top, decorative layer; the under side layer and the middle layer. All three layers are stitched together in a pattern specific for that particular quilt throw.

Some of the quilt throws carry through with the theme of the larger quilts. So if you have a lounge area in your bedroom, and you have a quilt set on your bed, you may want to add a matching quilt throw to fold up and lay over the back of the couch in this lounge area. Or you may want to place the matching one on the back of your couch in the living room to carry through to the living room the same theme that's in your bedroom. Or you may want to complete a matching set in your bedroom and place it folded at the foot of the bed.

When you travel, take your quilt throw with you. If you don't need it to wrap up in, use it as a pillow.

A blanket in the blankets & throws category is often seen at the foot of the bed. When a person is cold in the middle of the night, instead of laying there indefinitely, not wanting to get up to find a blanket or a throw, all they need to do is reach down to the foot of the bed and bring one forward. No need to get up out of bed to search for that extra blanket then struggle to get back to sleep. It's there handy.

The baby needs a blanket too and we have that as well.

Blankets normally will be sized the same as bed sizes, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. If you need a blanket for more than one bed size but only want to buy one, it's best to go with the larger size. You can tuck it in on one side on the smaller bed. This would be a good solution if you are on a budget and only want to buy one. It would also be a good solution if you have limited closet space. Blankets can take up a lot of room if you have very many. This solution will make your linen closet of blankets & throws more versatile and adaptable to the larger beds in your house. You can use the larger ones on either size bed.

So blankets & throws are an essential part of our daily lives.