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We have a bedding set to dress up every bedroom in your home, quilt sets, duvet sets, teen and kids and bed in a bag sets, lots to choose from. See below for most sought after sets on the market.
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A Bedding Set is a great way to decorate your bed. There are different kinds of bedding sets. Some have three pieces, others have twelve with a wide range of combinations in between. Different types of a Bedding set would include bed in a bag as well as duvet cover sets. There is a huge advantage to purchasing a bedding set as opposed to individual pieces and many know the advantages, like taking time out of your busy day to search for just the right item, only to find out that it isn't going to match after all. That doesn't happen when you purchase a bedding set. All the individual pieces are coordinated by skilled professionals for you ahead of time. You could say that you have your own personal designer to coordinate your bed. That is what has actually happened. That's what the designers are good at and we like to know that what we pick out as a set is well put together and in style and that we can be happy with the atmosphere that it creates.

Whoever discovered the bedding set concept had a brilliant idea. The idea caught on and now it's all history. America loves the Bedding Set concept. We enjoy the "instant" and this is just one more "instant" in the whole spectrum of things.

A classic and timeless addition to the bedding collection is the bedspread. It is lightweight, normally a single layer. Beds have always been a place of beauty. In elegant royal bedrooms where there were the canopy beds, bedspreads were what were on the beds.

The most common bedspreads are chenille. Some are woven in designs of different colors and others are a solid color with woven designs in textures, creating in the bedspread loops much like the textured carpet available today.

Woven designs are prevalent and are really the characteristic theme of the bedding set bedspread. That is where they are different from quilts or duvets. Quilts are three layered and these layers are stitched together in patterns over the entire quilt. Quilts have been around forever too but quilts were used for warmth where bedding set bedspread are the perfect choice for the summer months when warmth is not required. Some lightweight quilts are termed as bedspreads as well.

Imagine how it used to be. There was the bedspread and the bed pillows that the bedspread covered. That was it. Now we have a whole conglomeration of pillows covering the bed pillows and bedspread as well as a bed skirt and sometimes even matching curtains. All that stack of pillows has to go on the floor in order to climb inside our bedding set to go to sleep (not the curtains and the bed skirt though of course).

But we don't care about all that. No problem at all here. It's all about the new and the better. This new concept is absolutely great! And this is a new day, the old is gone forever and we are all happy with that, aren't we? No one likes things to stay the same. It's boring! So...Bedding Sets are here to stay! Yay!