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Our Bed Linen comes in many beautiful colors and materials. Check out our selection below and find out why we have the highest quality bed linen around.
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Bed linen is the essential part of the bed that normally in a bed that is made, nobody sees until it is time to get under the covers and go to sleep. The bed linen includes sheets, pillow cases, mattress covers and anything else that may go under the covers. They are what is put over pillows and mattresses in order to protect them. It also includes the bed skirts. These are typically washable so when it's time to launder them, it's simple and easy and your mattress and pillows don't get soiled.

Bed linen comes in a variety of colors all the way from black to white and every imaginable color in between. They also come in different materials, the most common being Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton originally was grown in Egypt, thus the name. The Egyptian cotton uses threads that are longer resulting in a higher quality and more durable material. Bed linen comes in different weaves like striped, plaid or solid and some even have a special enhanced weave for added durability.

There are different thread counts that are listed when you shop for bed linen. The thread count is the number of threads woven both lengthwise and widthwise in a one inch square. A good quality thread count would be 200 to 220. A better quality would be 230 ranging to 280. The best bed linen count would be 300 to 360.

Here's another factor to be considered in understanding the quality of bed linen. A thinner and finer yarn size will give you a higher thread count. This results in softer, more comfortable bed linen but may not necessarily be as durable in comparison. Yet another factor to consider is how many threads are twisted together to make one strand of thread. Two ply would be two strands, three ply would be three.

So the quality of the material depends on a couple factors: the quality of the fiber, the yarn size, the thread count, the ply, it's finish, and how it is constructed. And really this can be overwhelming if you're looking for a high quality, low cost product. The manufacture's listing will help give you a clue as to what best fits your specific wants and needs. You are the one who decides what characteristic best fits your needs.

Bed Skirts are that piece of your bedding set that may be overlooked at first. Where your eye may not be directed immediately to the bottom of your bed, you may eventually notice that there is in place the bed skirt - or that there isn't one. If there isn't one, you will see the legs of the bed and when the covers are pulled back you will see the box springs under the mattress too.

So if you have no bed skirt, at some point you will probably think that you want to no longer see those box springs or legs. Your bed really isn't at all complete without it. The skirts fortunately come in different colors too and you will be able to coordinate satisfactorily with whatever covers the top of your bed, whether it's a comforter, quilt, duvet or bedspread.

There is another advantage to putting a bed skirt on your bed. Maybe you live in a house that doesn't have enough closets. You can hide things under your bed and nobody will see them. You can disassemble a table and hide it under your bed. Put things under there that you don't use every day, that you only use occasionally, as it is a little unhandy to get down on your hands and knees to retrieve them. You can hide presents you haven't given yet. But once the kids find that hiding place, it will no longer work. You have to find another. And they are really good at finding your hiding places. Trust me, I know. Sometimes, your dog or cat will hide from you or hide from the kids under the skirt. It's always best to make a list of what you have under there if there is a lot there and if you don't use those items often. Otherwise, whatever you have so successfully found a place to hide will be hidden from you, and now it's a lost piece. But if that's the case, not to worry. If you move, you'll find it.